Monday, February 16, 2015

Come Follow Me February: Why do the choices I make matter? Game

This lesson help goes with the "Come Follow Me" lesson for February's "Why do the choices I make matter?"  I made a game using the resource materials given in the lesson outline.  I divided my class up into teams.  Spaces had questions from scriptures, videos, Strength of Youth: Agency & Accountability, or True to the Faith's Agency.

I made a game on some white butcher paper I had.  I traced a Tupperware to make the spaces. I  used a circle punch to punch out different color construction paper for the pieces.  I had a foam dice.  And then this picture of Christ from the Gospel Art Kit.

To make:
Click to enlarge the photos so you can see what I wrote in the spaces.  I just wrote part of scriptures or quotes from Strength of Youth: Agency & Accountability or True the the Faith: Agency.  I would let them look up the scripture.  Or they could use a For the Strength of Youth or True to the Faith printouts/books.

For the videos I used these 2 videos: "Leave the Party" and "A Choice Generation (highlight)"

The lesson outline suggest this one: No Regrets about a boy choosing btwn seminary and surfing.  You could use that video instead of the ones I used.  Just make up questions to go in those spaces.

If the students landed on a "video" space we would watch the video and they would have to answer the question.  The "Leave the Party" one is longer.  So, if  they landed on another question about that movie and we already watched it they could remember the detail.

 Click to enlarge
Doesn't matter which path they took.  It was their agency or choice. :)

Don't mind my 2 yr. old's artwork. :)

 What do I do with the picture?
I had it on the side of the chalkboard with the word "Repent" by it.  If the team got the question wrong I sent them to "repent".  :)  In other words they would lose a turn but start back where they were on the game.

Just have categories: Videos, Scriptures, Strength of Youth, True to the Faith, Make a Choice
Then, using the resources have questions from each of these categories on Agency.  "Make a Choice" category you can come up with real life circumstances where they have to make a choice.

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Flashback to Teacher Valentine Gift~ Expo Markers!

Remember this fun teacher gift I shared 2 years ago!?  You can download the printable HERE.

Happy early Valentine's Day! xoxo

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Christmas Link Party

You may have seen Design Dazzle's 5th annual Christmas Wonderful series is in full swing! We've had some fabulous Christmas ideas from some talented bloggers and we're not done yet...the fun continues through the middle of December! Over the years we've shared almost 200 blog posts with hundreds and hundreds of ideas. We thought it would be fun to have a great big link party to celebrate this magical Christmas season because we know YOU have some awesome ideas to share too! Simply link up your project below, which will show up on all of the 25+ blogs participating in our link party. Feel free to link up new projects as well as any past projects that you want to share. The link party ends Decemember 7th. We will be choosing some of our FAVORITE ideas to feature! a few days later The following amazing blogs are participating in our Christmas Wonderful link party:

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Young Women In Excellence: Movie Night!

This was our YWIE last year.  I thought it was low key, budget friendly, fun evening for the girls.

We called it "The Divine Daughters Awards"

We filmed a 30 sec clip of all the girls telling/showing us what they did for their project/experience.  Then, we set up a "movie" in the Relief Society room. Had a red carpet, movie projector screen, and popcorn bar.

This was our program
(click to enlarge)

You've probably seen this floating around the web:
Stand for Truth And Righteousness
We took head shots of all the girls and put them on the stars and hung them from the ceiling.

Crepe paper banner
cheap and easy

The girls head shots printed on paper and made to look like a filmstrip around the room.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Playschool & Preschool Halloween Activities!

These are some fun Halloween Activities you can do with your kiddos at home or in preschool/playschool:

Frankenstein Feet Monsters:

I pulled one kid one and a time and painted the bottom of their foot green then pressed it onto the paper.  I had a bowl ready to wash off their foot. :)

Once it dried I added black hair, eyes, and mouths with a black sharpie.
Then, used a silver sharpie to draw the "nails" on each side of the head.
Then, I wrote their name with "stein" on the end.

Brandonstein..... you get the idea. :)

Halloween Slime:

I've used it for preschool and for my son's ninja turtle birthday party.
 I like it because the kids each get their own bag and it's made with liquid starch- not borax.
I had little containers for all my student's to take home the slime they made at school.

Draw a pumpkin face:

I had this as a welcoming activity.  Kids drew a pumpkin face on their pumpkin.  Used an Expo Marker with the pumpkin in a protective sleeve.

What is Missing?  Jack-o-lantern Game:

We played this in circle time.
One kid would step out or close their eyes.  We would take off a piece of the jack-o-lantern's face.  Kids would open eyes or come back in the room and try to guess what is missing.  They loved this game.

Potato Pumpkin Stamps:

These worked ok... I would make sure there isn't too much paint of each plate. Or else it will splatter everywhere.  And it's tricky to make the faces in the potato.

Halloween Sticker Sheets:

You can find these cute sticker sheets here at Oriental Trading.

Spider Web Marble Art:

One on my FAVORITE Halloween crafts.  
Squirt a little bit of white tempera paint in a paper cup.  Drop a marble inside.  Then, use a spoon to scoop it out and put it on a tray with black construction paper.  Kids like to roll the marble around making a spider web.

Then, I just printed, cut, and glued these spiders on the page.  
You can download the spiders I used HERE
Or if the kids are older you can make the hand spiders. Where you put paint on both the kids hands. (no thumbs)  Then, they press them on the sheet and you can use hole reinforcements or wiggle eyes for the eyes.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Getting to Know You Game~ Scavenger Hunt for YW

We are playing some "Getting to Know You" games for mutual tonight since we have some new YW in our ward.  

I couldn't find a "YW/church" related one online.  All of them are for school.  So thought I would share in case you run into the same problem. :)

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Monday, September 15, 2014

"Come Follow Me": September~ Why is it important to be honest?

This post is lesson helps and printable for "Come Follow Me" September's: Why is it important to be honest?  This lesson is a combination of several bullets suggested in the lesson outline.

As my attention-getter we played this game:
I let them look at the items in the pan for 1 minute.  Then, I covered it up and they had to list as many things they could remember in one minute.  HOWEVER, I took a pic of the tray ahead of time with my phone and let one of the YW cheat using the pic.  The other girls didn't know this until AFTER they had to try and list the items.  After finding out who won by writing the most items, I told them we had a cheater.  We talked about why cheating is not fair.

We then filled out this Cause and Effect chart. 
They use the Strength of Youth book to write down the 3 things listed that is not honest. Then, we looked up some of the scriptures in the outline that tell the outcome of a dishonest person.  I wanted to stress to them that you should be honest not just because you will be "thrust down to hell" but because it's the RIGHT THING TO DO!  We talked about how you can't have the companionship of the Holy Ghost if you are dishonest with people.  Yes, we talked about repentance too. :)


I used this object lesson when talking about lying with friends.  I explained how you build up a relationship with a friend.  And if you start lying to them then your relationship with crumble.  I had a YW pull a cup out from the "foundation" of the friendship.  We talked about how it's a lot harder to build a relationship back up after you have been dishonest with them.


Being a past teacher, unfortunately when I taught Middle School I experienced a LOT of cheating. :(  I told the girls how I would just get so frustrated cuz I couldn't trust them that they would keep their eyes on their own paper.  I had to make a TEST A and TEST B.  Have a different Pop Quiz with each class because kids would take pictures of the quiz and send it to friends in other classes.  I told the YW that I would just get so frustrated I wanted to do this to them {showed the above pictures... they thought it was funny}. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THESE PICS HERE. They responded that you should!  I said I shouldn't have to!  That's the problem! Everyone should have the moral compass inside them to know that it's not ok to cheat. 

PERSONAL STORY: I told them the story about how I had a male student who was very popular.  The girls all thought he was super cute.  He was an athlete.  One day he asked me to complete a teacher recommendation form for student council.  He had 2 older siblings that had once been on student council so he thought for sure he would be selected.  I couldn't check the box that said yes.  It was because he was one of my students that would try to cheat during tests.  I couldn't recommend him as an example to students when I knew he was dishonest.  

PERSONAL STORY:  Another time when I was teaching I wanted to express the importance of honesty with my students.  So, I took the tests home.  Graded them.  Put the student's grades in my gradebook, but did NOT write their score on the tests.  The next day I told the students that they were going to grade their own test and give me their grades. I was saddened to see how many students were dishonest and gave me a higher grade than I knew they earned.  After taking in the grades they said they earned, I told them what I had done. I told them that I had already graded the tests and that the real test was to see who would be honest and give me their actual score. I told them that I knew who the honest ones were and the dishonest students were.  I explained that they needed to always be honest because you never know when your honesty would be tested again.

I also shared these stories from the conference talks: 

I showed the video Honesty: You better believe it

Throughout these we discussed the importance of being honest and what choices we should make to ensure we are women of Integrity.

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